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Things to do, near the Village
On foot - Gileri Residences

On foot

The best way to enjoy Mt Menalo is to hike. The Menalon Trail is the path crossing Mt Menalo and one of the top hiking experience in greece. Its routes range from those which are quite easy to follow for the whole family, to those a bit more challenging. The path marking is excellent and no advanced experience or physical form is necessary. The official website is

By car - Gileri Residences

By car

Wonderful circular routes, through forests of extreme beauty that lead you to some of the nicest villages of Peloponnisos. The shortest one is from Agia Paraskevi in Lagadia to Valtetsiniko, Magouliana and back via the national provincial road. The longest one is to Dimitsana, Stemnitsa, Libovitsi, Alonistaina and back again to Lagadia via the national provincial road.)
village-hopping in mountainous Arcadia - Gileri Residences

village-hopping in mountainous Arcadia

Τhe villages of mountainous Arcadia is a paradise for village-hopping. Using Lagkadia as a base for touring to the historic Dimitsana, the famous Stemnitsa, from the notorious Elati to the abandoned Limbovisi of Kolokotronis family and back to the hospitable Vytina, will charm you with their pure beauty, long history and unique natural environment.

The traditional architecture, the local tastes, the squares under huge plane trees and the reconstructed cafes, will travel your senses to the original past of mountainous Peloponnese.

This place is one of the top Greece mountain destinations with lots of places to visit near Athens.

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