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On vacation with children between the ages of 3 and 8. They cannot stay indoors, they barely stay still in the car, it is kind of challenging to take them for a longer walk, and even more challenging to keep them close in the village square café. So here are 5+1 ideas to spend time with the kids without having to move your vehicle.
Public Playground - Gileri Residences

Public Playground

Just a few meters from our guesthouse is the Lagadia Elementary School. Surely our young visitors will enjoy themselves in the small playground situated at the schoolyard, and the amazing view it offers.
Treasure hunt - Gileri Residences

Treasure hunt

Find the donkey and the chickens of Tasos, the bakery of Pogio and the secret passage of Alexis. Through a treasure hunt we have prepared around the neighborhood, we introduce the children of today to the traditional “village life”.
Home games - Gileri Residences

Home games

When the weather and the daylight are not an ally for lots of strolls, we also have a variety of wooden creative toys in all of our residences, children’s books and of course Netflix/YouTube!
Lagadiotis waterfall - Gileri Residences
Lagadiotis waterfall
During the works for the widening of the bridge at the entrance of the village, in the winter of 2019, a lot of small waterfalls were revealed. They surely cannot compete with other more famous ones, like the ones at the island of Samothraki, however they offer to our little friends the opportunity for a short climb, developing their kinetic skills.
A visit to Boufi - Gileri Residences
A visit to Boufi
Discover the old watermills of Lagadia in the settlement of Agios Nikolaos (Boufi). Perhaps this is the only suggestion that requires you to drive your vehicle, because of the uphill route on your way back, which could be a bit difficult.
More games back at home - Gileri Residences
More games back at home
And just because we believe that the new is always more fun, especially when it comes to Playmobil, we have available various series of our favorite toys.

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