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How to reach us - Gileri Residences
Gileri is situated in that part of the village, which is away from the main road traffic, securing even more peace and quiet and increased safety for the children to move around. To access the residences visitors must ascend or descend a short stony pathway, as there is no alternative route.
History - Gileri Residences

We have always enjoyed welcoming our friends to our family house in our home village. And their friends. And their friend’s friends. Friends we had not yet met. Looking back, they are surely a few hundred people. For a few days, a weekend, or for just one night. And then, of course, there is the carnival, which always makes the average number of visitors go through the roof.

Mountainous Arcadia with children - Gileri Residences
An ideal destination for families all year round




Our Breakfast - Gileri Residences
Breakfast is offered in a basket in each residence so that you can prepare it in your own time and in your own way. Our accommodation does not have shared restaurant / kitchen areas. Something that is especially useful in the winter months, due to COVID-19.
Wine tourism in Arcadia - Gileri Residences
Embark on a wine tasting adventure in Arcadia and explore the region's renowned local wines!




Agrotouristic Activities - Gileri Residences
Have you ever experienced the heavenly aroma of freshly made cheese, or tasted the crispness of freshly picked greens?
What if we told you that you could create your very own traditional Mediterranean recipes using these farm-fresh ingredients?




ΚΡΕΚΟΝΙΑΝ RUN - Gileri Residences
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