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Our Breakfast

Breakfast is offered in a basket in each residence so that you can prepare it in your own time and in your own way. Our accommodation does not have shared restaurant / kitchen areas. Something that is especially useful in the winter months, due to COVID-19.

The base of our breakfast consists of

  • Oak honey
  • village eggs
  • country or daily bread
  • butter
  • orange juice or milk
  • coffee & mountain tea


The "village" breakfast includes extra

  • sheep yogurt
  • Tripoli graviera
  • nuts


The "classic" breakfast includes extra

  • 2 types of jam
  • hazelnut praline


The eggs are from the chicken coop opposite us. You can take them yourself if you want. The bread, ravani and pancakes are from our village and we bring them to you at the time you tell us to keep them fresh.

The honey and walnuts are from Lagadia, the oil from Aegialia and the mountain tea from Mainalo. The yogurt from Toubitsi (lower Gortynia) and the graviera from Capsia (Mantineia). So that they don't circle the planet until they reach your plate.

The coffee, sugar, hazelnut praline and tea bags, since they are not produced near us (yes, unfortunately neither is the sugar anymore), are fair trade from SYN.ALOIS, to ensure their quality, but also additional income for producers and their communities.

The jams (until we find something locally that will satisfy us), the butter, the milk and the juice, for practical reasons are of the "trade".

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