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Lagadia Carnival - Gileri Residences

Lagadia Carnival

The 4-day cultural events known as the Lagadia Carnival are organized by the Youth Association of Lagadia “DRASIS”. The carnival revives the myth of Pan through music, theatre, the revisiting of old traditions and, of course, the authentic Arcadian carnival parade. It is renowned all over Greece and constitutes a meeting point for many-especially young-visitors. In the past years, the carnival has become particularly popular, making accommodation hard to find in the entire area.
The Stone Festivities - Gileri Residences

The Stone Festivities

The Stone Festivities are organized by the civic association “Anthi tis Petras (/Stone Flowers)”, an association that is particularly active in promoting the Lagadian art of stonemasonry. The festivities have attracted visitors from the area and beyond. They include cultural events but also unite apprentice stonemasons who work under the supervision of experienced craftsmen. The aim is to train a new generation that will go on to restore many traditional and, unfortunately, abandoned houses, repair old buildings and build new ones.
KREKONIAN RUN - Gileri Residences


The KREKONIAN RUN is a 5 & 10 km road race organized by the Association of Lagadins in Attiki. The starting point is the stadium in Ag. Friday of Lagadion and finishing the Monument of the Builder of Lagadion at the entrance of the settlement of Lagadion. It is held on the E. O. Tripoli - Pyrgos on the old path of the Lagada craftsmen.

Its date is Sunday, August 7, 2022
Panhellenic Folk Song and Music Contest - Gileri Residences
Panhellenic Folk Song and Music Contest
The Panhellenic Folk Song and Music Contest in Aghia Paraskevi, outside Lagadia, takes place each year at the end of July. With a history of almost 50 years, it is now hosted by the Municipality of Gortynia and is a reference point in the area, as well as the most important cultural event in Gortynia. Its goal is to honor our cultural heritage and, at the same time, foster the dissemination of our musical tradition. It is open to amateur folk song singers, as well as musicians, soloists of traditional instruments and music ensembles. Following the efforts of the Association of Lagadians residing in Attica, the duration of the event has been extended.

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