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The Arcadian “suspended village” of Lagadia is one of the most beautiful mountain villages in the Peloponnese, built amphitheatrically at an altitude of 500 and 1000 metres.
Access - Gileri Residences


There are two ways of reaching a destination. The fast way, which will be presented in the end, and the slow-paced way of the explorer.

So, as you set out for our village, hope your road is a long one. And do not worry, we shall be here. We have been since 1921. At least the house has; the guesthouse was established as such in 2021. It is not by chance that Mount Menalo is the birthplace of so many myths, neither is it a coincidence that Arcadia has been referenced for centuries for its idyllic landscapes. Therefore, it is worthwhile to begin exploring even before you reach your destination.

The highway will get you here from Athens in approximately 2.5 hours. However, there are alternative routes. They might require more time, but they might also make the journey more rewarding.
  • Via Kardara, the Ski Resort, Vytina and the highway…
  • Via Alonistena, Davia, Chrysovitsi, Elati and the highway…
  • Via Elati, Stemnitsa, Dimitsana…
  • Via Magouliana, Valtsesiniko, Aghia Paraskevi…

If you are travelling on two wheels… you have the privilege of even more choices. The route through Orini (Mountainous) Korinthia or Kalavryta is the dream ride for anyone travelling from Athens on a motorbike. Mountain road twists, scarce traffic, changing landscapes, fir trees, picturesque villages, more fir trees and with sufficient traction ( but one can never be too cautious). We are especially fond of the route passing through Feneos, Theoktisto, Drakovouni, Mygdalia (link).

The guesthouse can be reached by car, but the road will not take you just right outside the door. It is common that in traditional Greek villages, there is no access for vehicles except for the main roads of the village. Look here for more information.

Public bus connects Lagkadia with Tripoli/Athens two times per day.

Recommended pit stops on the Tripoli - Olympia highway - Gileri Residences

Recommended pit stops on the Tripoli - Olympia highway

Cave of Capsia, located in the homonymous village. It is the first one we encounter after exiting the highway. The cave is ranked amongst the ten most important caves in Greece. Easy access by highway. Better call before you visit.

Old Watermills. Leaving behind Vytina, right after the exit for Methydrio, an observant traveller will notice the small kiosks on the roadside typically marking the presence of a mountain trail. We are on hiking trail 4 Elati-Vytina of the Menalon Trail. The river we see is Mylaiontas and, a bit further on, surrounded by lush riverside sycamore trees, lie the remains of three watermills. This is the old road to Vytina that the locals travelled on their mules. An ideal short walk for small children and beginners.


  • Athens: 205 km via Highway
  • Tripoli: 67 km via the Tripoli - Olympia Highway
  • Ancient Olympia: 60 km via the Tripoli - Olympia Highway
  • Kalamata International Airport: 107 km via Megalopoli and Dimitsana
  • International Athens Airport: 234 km via Highway

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