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Gileri is situated in that part of the village, which is away from the main road traffic, securing even more peace and quiet and increased safety for the children to move around. To access the residences visitors must ascend or descend a short stony pathway, as there is no alternative route.
Cars are limited to the village central parking space and other public spaces closer to the Gileri residencies. The simplest way to access Gileri is by going down the stairway between the main parking and Heroon Square. You can easily find Gileri by following the relevant signs and additional instructions will be offered if needed. Within the settlement we recommend that you move around on foot. Most places, shops and sites on, close and around the main road (national road) are within a walking distance.

The village inner network is mostly made out of steps and stone paths. However there are a few smaller roads going through Lagadia that can take you to the upper or lower parts of the village. One of these routes, turning away from the main road as you enter Lagadia, can allow you to park your vehicle very close - but not exactly right outside - Gileri. There are appropriate signs to assist guidance and additional help is offered if needed.

And if all of the above are still not very clear, there is always the Google pin.

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