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Wine tourism in Arcadia

Embark on a wine tasting adventure in Arcadia and explore the region's renowned local wines!




As you make your way to Lagadia from Athens/Corinth, you'll journey through the protected designation of origin (PDO) vineyard zone of Mantineia - home to some of the most exceptional wineries in the area.
One of the most prominent grape varieties grown here is the Moschofilero, known for producing delicious white and rosé wines, as well as contributing significantly to the creation of sparkling wines. Despite being grown in challenging climatic conditions, this native, aromatic grape variety is considered one of the most important in Greek wine production.
Explore the many wineries in the region with a wineries visit, and take a tour of the vineyards to learn about the winemaking process. Finish off with a wine tasting experience, accompanied by local delicacies that perfectly complement the wine. With most of the wineries located in the Mantineia region, wine tourism in Arcadia is practically synonymous with Mantinea wine tourism.


In addition to the traditional winemaking techniques, the winemakers of Arcadia are constantly experimenting with new methods and cultivation techniques. With their focus on innovation, they have successfully produced high-quality local wines that have won international recognition and awards. Sadly, only a few of the wineries in the area are open to the public today, but the ones that are worth a visit.
As a local travel partner, we recommend a stop at Kalogris Winery in Kapsia, which is located near the national road from Tripoli to Pyrgos. It is an ideal spot for a wine tasting experience, where you can try their award-winning wines made from the Moschofilero variety. Combine your visit to the winery with a trip to the nearby Kapsia cave to make the most of your day. Other notable wineries to visit in the area include Troupi Estate and Moropoulos Winery.


During your visit to a winery, you'll be introduced to the science of winemaking. The winemaker will share how weather and climate during various stages of wine production impact the final result. You'll get to discover the many different aromas and flavors that good wine can offer.


A visit to a winery that's open to visitors is incomplete without a tasting of the region's gastronomic tradition to accompany the wine tasting.



The association of the region with viticulture and winemaking goes back a long time. One example is the Papanikolaou family's story, who dreamt of transforming Arcadia into the Campania of the East. Their vision was based on the similarity between the French province of Campania and the Mantinean plateau in terms of soil composition, microclimate, altitude, and the cultivation of the aromatic fileri variety.


The family successfully produced fine-quality champagne from 1885 to 1935, winning gold awards at the World Fairs of the time. They were even listed in the World Oenological Dictionary of Bordeaux as "the place where sparkling wine is produced that is comparable to the French." You can learn more about their story and the winemaking tradition in the area by watching the documentary "Arcadia 1900, Campania of the East."

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