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We provide a breakfast basket for each house, so you can prepare it in your own way and at your own time. Our accommodation does not have shared restaurant or kitchen facilities as each house has its own kitchen, which is particularly convenient during the winter months due to COVID-19.

The basis of our breakfast includes:
  • Oak honey
  • Peasant eggs
  • Rustic or daily bread
  • Butter
  • Orange juice or milk
  • Coffee and mountain tea

The "rustic" breakfast includes additional items:
  • Sheep's yogurt
  • Tripoli gruyere cheese
  • Walnuts
The "classic" breakfast includes extra:
  • Two types of jam
  • Hazelnut praline
Gileri Breakfast

Our eggs are usually fresh from the chicken coop located just across the street, allowing you to prepare them just the way you like. You can even collect them yourself if you wish.

We source our bread locally from our village and deliver it to you at your preferred time to ensure its freshness.

Our honey and walnuts come from Lagadia, our olive oil from Aegialia, and our mountain tea from Mainalo. Our yogurt is from Toubitsi in Lower Gortynia, and our gruyere from Capsia in Mantineia. This way, our products don't travel far before reaching your plate.

To maintain the quality of our coffee, sugar, hazelnut praline, and tea, which are not produced in our immediate vicinity, we source them from fair trade SYN.ALOIS, ensuring fair payment for the producers and their communities.

While we continue to search for locally sourced jams, we provide butter, milk, and juice through trade for practical reasons.

*Please note that this service is available for a minimum stay of two nights.

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