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Open-Space Waterpower Museum - Gileri Residences

Open-Space Waterpower Museum

The Open-Space Waterpower Museum in Dimitsana highlights the importance of waterpower in traditional society. Focusing on the main preindustrial techniques that take advantage of water to produce a variety of goods, it links them to the history and daily life of the local community over the ages.

Ancient Gortys - Gileri Residences

Ancient Gortys

Ancient Gortys was an important Arcadian city in ancient times. It has given its name to the present-day Municipality of Gortynia and lies at the banks of Lousios River, at the end of the Lousios Gorge near Ellinikos and the Moni Prodromou monastery.


Palaia Moni Philosophou - Gileri Residences

Palaia Moni Philosophou

Palaia Moni (Old Monastery) Panagias Philosophou, is located 200 meters above the gorge of Lousios and it was founded in 963.


Olympia - Gileri Residences

The birth place of Olympic Games—the most famous and important sporting event in the ancient world— Olympia, is 60km west of the Village. Olympia dates back to the end of the final Neolithic period (4th millennium BC), and is considered one of the most important places to trace the roots of Western society due to its religious, political, and sports tradition.

Lagkadia are in the middle of the old internal Peloponnesian picturesque route back to Athens. 


Nemouta waterfalls - Gileri Residences
Nemouta waterfalls

In recent years they have been heard more and more and perhaps not unfairly. The waterfalls of Nemouta have the ability to provide easy access to those who do not want to walk for long hours or cannot cope with it. They are about 1 hour away from Lagadia.

Fouskaris bridge is almost on your way and a visit to the amazing forest of Foloi (one of the largest oak forests), make a beautiful circular route to neighboring Ilia.


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