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Gileri Eco & Design Residences is a guest house in Greece that was born when traditional architecture met modern design and minimal aesthetics in the mountains of Arcadia.

Its three residences reintroduced Arcadian simplicity into hospitality. Blending in with the unique architecture of this traditional Greek village, the visitor is sumerged into the atmosphere of the authentic Lagadia dwelling.

The comfortable living room, quality furniture and upholstery, and the unique character of each residence guarantee visitors a relaxing and restful stay. The residences are fully equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, games and books for all ages. You will never want to leave!
Tholoi - Two levels Residence - Gileri Residences

Tholoi - Two levels Residence

50 m²    5 persons    2 levels     2 WC 

The “Tholoi” two-bedroom residence is comprised of a main area including a fully equipped kitchen, living room, five-person...
Salla - two-bedrooms Residence - Gileri Residences

Salla - two-bedrooms Residence

58 m²    6 persons    2 floors     2 WC   Wood stove  View

The ground floor of the “Salla” two-bedroom residence has a fully equipped kitchen, woodstove, living room, seven-person ...
Wintertime - Family Studio - Gileri Residences

Wintertime - Family Studio

38 m²   5 persons   Fireplace   Patio

The “Wintertime” family studio is ideal for a group of friends or for a family. It has a three-person bunkbed and a built-in bed, ...

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